January 30, 2013

Happy 2013 and picture recap of 2012

I can't believe it is already 2013, and I can't believe that January is almost over! I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and am thrilled.  The last trimester, though hard as it can be, is ALWAYS the best for me! NO MORE SICKNESS! no more iv therapy!  I can run around and play with Chase and finally I dont feel like a huge burden on everybody.  Also, I finally look pregnant and my never ending to - do list is slowly getting shorter.   But before I go any further can I jut sit back and say what  HUGE YEAR 2012 was for us?  Christian graduated college with a Bachelor's degee! ( so proud of him )  I ran my first (and hopefully not last) half marathon!  Chase turned one year old!  We bought a house! We found out that we are pregnant with baby #2!   Chase now sucessfully sleeps in a big boy bed!!  Did all of that really happen in just one year?  It's crazy to look back on now and reflect on how busy we've been!  Last year was so good to us and we are really excited to begin a new year.  So far this year we've crossed off one HUGE house project, we got tile!  That is right people... no more carpeted bathroom, no more carpet under the table that chase so kindly decorates with peaches and juice and anything you can think of.  I LOVE IT.  It makes a huge difference!  Also we installed the baseboards, Christian is going to frame out our mirrior with some baseboards this weekend and then onto painting.  painting the kitchen, painting the family room, painting the babies room, painting the crib, painting will be what we do for fun around here for quite a while.  I'm loving all these house projects and thanks to pinterest they are never ending.  okay okay, now for the pictures to catch up on again.... lots and lots of pictures, dont hate me haha

Merry Go Round at the ZOO

I am not exaggerating when I say Chase's favorite animal ever is an elephant!

Yay Christian!!  SO PROUD OF YOU!!

Six Tunnels half marathon!  

fun at Bear Lake

Rowing the boat at Lake Powell

Obviously he is terrified of tubing hahaha, at least we tried!

pumpkin patch!

Halloween with the cousins :) 

This is chase at our new table, he loves to sit at the bench and its a much shorter fall from the last table!(since his favorite past time is standing and jumping on everything this is good news)
This is our new tile in the bathroom!  I love it so much! also notice the blue walls(yay!)


Audriana Payne said...

wow a lot has happened for you guys!! the pictures are cute and I think I need to come visit to see your house!