March 12, 2013


So many changes are coming at our house! Next month we will have a brand new baby boy and Chase will be a big brother.  I am so excited and I hope that Chase takes all the changes well!  We have some plans to have a few days out with just us and Chase before baby is here and we want him to pick a present for baby.  It makes me laugh because every time we talk about the baby he goes on and on about his baby cousin Mason.  It will be a fun adventure to see how Chase takes to having a new baby at our house!

So February was a fun and eventful month with us!  We went up to Bear Lake for our annual family winter party.  As always it was so fun!  My family stayed at the condo and all the cousins had a blast!  Chase just loves playing with his cousins and is now at the age where they actually interact and play and run together and it is just adorable!  Christian got to ski for the day while I stayed behind with Chase and other moms and made us a new spring wreath :) 

We drove home from Bear Lake on sunday night after family home evening only to make it about an hour away from the cabin.  Right in the middle of nowhere on the freeway one moment it was dark and the next thing we knew there was about 6 horses running and covering the whole freeway.  It was one of those seconds where you have a moment to worry about your loved ones in the car and brace yourself.  Im so lucky and blessed that my husband is pretty much Mario.  we managed to make it in a little space so we did not hit any horses straight on.  We did hit two horses and our car was totaled.  We were also so blessed none of us were injured!!   not only was the windshield totally caved in with holes in it and glass everywhere, but the hood was bent in a triangle and there were dents all across the front and sides of our car.  Being 33 weeks pregnant at the time I was very lucky that the airbag malfunctioned and did not work or I may have gone into labor! I sure did suffer some intense contractions the days following but no worries baby and mommy are fine :)   Since that scary adventure we finally got a new car!  We got a Ford Explorer and we love it!  I think it will last us a long time, and Chase's new favorite thing is to open the sunroof!

With 4-5 weeks until baby time we have a list a mile long of every little thing I want to do in order to be "ready".  I'm so excited for this baby and the weeks luckily are flying by!  Especially after being in an accident that could've easily turned out a tragedy I just need to shout to the world how happy and grateful I am for my AMAZING husband and my little sweetheart Chase!  This pregnancy has been quite the challenge and I could've never made it without Christian.  Also I have been blessed with a little boy who will cuddle me on the couch, give me hugs and kisses and hold my hand at any given moment.  I am so grateful and lucky to have Christian and Chase in my life and I am thrilled to bring another little boy in the picture! 


Kelly Jean said...

Scary about the car/horse accident!!! :( So glad you & everyone were okay! And aahhh - yay that your baby is going to be here so soon!!

Dusty and Stacie Johnson said...

Congrats congrats congrats!! I am late but you are a momma again and I am beyond excited for you guys!! What an adorable family you are! Miss you so stinkin much!