April 28, 2013

Chase turns 2

 Chase absolutely loved his elephant  birthday cake, in fact he still asks to look at pictures of it! 
 We had all his cousins and family over for his birthday party and it was a blast!
 Easter sunday we had our own little egg hunt and then went to grandma's where he had a hunt with all his cousins

 Grandma got out the bubble machine and the kiddos were in heaven!

 On Chase's actual birthday we made his cake together, he loves using the mixer.  You can see in the next picture Chase singing out to some birthday music we played while we all frosted his cake together.

I cannot believe Chase is already two years old!!  He is so funny always singing and running and loves to play!  He loves hot dogs and cheese and chocolate.  Chase loves making art and brings it home to hang on the fridge every day.  I cant believe he is so big already and since we now have two boys I can't fail to mention that he is a great big brother too ;)


Dusty and Stacie Johnson said...

You have to baby boys!!!! I still can't really believe it haha :) You all look like you are doing so well, I couldn't be happier!! Miss you hun!

Drew and Alicia said...

What a fun birthday! Love the cake!