April 30, 2013

Nathan Thomas Atkinson

I know it's taken me a few weeks but our sweet baby Nathan is here and healthy :)  He was born on April 1 at 3 in the afternoon, and was 6 lbs 13 oz. and 19 inches long.  I was induced that morning, my labor was about 6 hours and he came out with only four pushes.. lucky me!! Chase has LOVED having Nate at home with us and is always checking on him, and makes sure to tell me if Nate is crying or sad, it is adorable.  Here are some fun pictures of our new addition, I can't believe how blessed we are with these two adorable boys of ours.  

Nathan is such a great baby!  He rarely cries and loooves to cuddle :)

Me showing off my belly the night before we went into the hospital

We were both sooooooo ready!

First family photo :) 

Me teaching Chaserbug how to hold his brother 

Chase was so happy to have Nate home

He is always asking if he can "kiss his nose"  I love it so much

I'm so lucky to have two healthy boys.  Nathan is already such a sweet and fun little boy and has us all totally wrapped around his little fingers. 


Karissa said...

YAY! Your little family is so adorable!

Dusty and Stacie Johnson said...

I LOVE everything about this whole post :)

Audriana Payne said...

So cute!!! Can't wait to meet him!!

Drew and Alicia said...

Congratulations! What a darling baby!